The first
true offroad
kid trailer

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990 € price from

3-10 years for kids

40 kg max. duty

9.8 kg weight

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The 27.5" wheel offers high stability, speed and less shocks.

The sprung 8 cm rear structure simply soaks up any terrain.

Shock absorber made to measure for our bike. Adjustable for your child.

Quick-release mechanism for easy and quick clamping behind the seatpost.

Suitable for children 3 - 10 years old. It will also be appreciated by children who already know how to ride a bike, but can't go as far as their parents, as well as children who can't yet balance on a regular bike.


Long distances, high speed averages - with KIDCEPTOR you can ride a 60 km trip in three hours, of course it's all about your performance.


Ideal for cycling training of children and parents. Your child will get used to "sitting" on the bike. Some children are able to cover distances of over 60 km on the KIDCEPTOR at the age of 3.5 years after the first month of riding.

Our story

We are a young company of cycling enthusiasts and after the birth of our first offspring, we were looking for a way to continue riding with our children without restrictions. We simply wanted to be able to go for a ride as we are normally used to, take the little ones with us and spend time together on the bike.

We found that attaching a child's bike, various tie down bars, bungee cords, two-foot carts and other solutions were extremely limiting and there was no quality product for children ages 3 and up. For these reasons, we embarked on a two-year journey to develop our own prototype KIDCEPTOR that parents and children can ride in the most challenging conditions.


Professionally lightweight - many conventional slings and trolleys for children weigh over 16 kg and are very difficult to ride. The KIDCEPTOR in its basic configuration is around 10 kg. More than 60% weight saving!

The big wheel - no one likes the rattle of small wheels. We all like speed and stability. When it just goes, it's an instantly different feeling. KIDCEPTOR rides on big 27.5“ wheels.

Single-track - Classic two-wheelers quickly hit their limits. KIDCEPTOR rides almost identical to your bike. It can even squeeze through really tight spots.

6000 miles

During the development and testing process, we drove over 10,000 km. We also tested on race tracks in the Bicycle for Life, Prima Cup and Czech Enduroserie series. For testing we used different brands and types of bikes such as Cannondale Habit, Mondraker Crafty, Canyon Neuron, Rock Machine ERZ, Trek Fuel, YT Capra and many others…

Today, having succeeded in getting KIDCEPTOR ready for mass production "and that it was not an easy journey", we are able to offer these experiences to you and your family. Ride like you used to, train, don't limit yourself, show your kids how fun cycling and exploring on a bike is. Ride where you meet rabbits and deer, babbling brooks, ride any singletrack or superflow and simply live life to the fullest!

Suspended - with 8 cm of travel, the suspension will smooth out any unevenness. Trails, roots, bollards, stairs - just ride everywhere and the way you're used to. The long rear construction provides great leverage on the suspension to make the shock really reactive and responsive.

Custom shock absorber - we have developed a custom shock absorber that respects both the weight of the child and the lower attenuation requirements. For maximum sensitivity, this is a spring-loaded version.

Controllability - you are in control of your child at all times, so it is you who controls the speed and the track you ride.

Growing - KIDCEPTOR is completely customizable to the specific child. Both by pulling out the saddle, moving the stem and rotating the handlebars.

Especially for children - we adjust, for example, the width of the handlebars, the length of the handlebars and other components to give children the best possible riding experience.

27,5“ wheel = 37.5% larger than a conventional 20" wheel on a bike trailer, less chatter, more speed

For every bike – whether you have an XC racket, gravel, enduro, electric bike, fat bike, road bike, attach the KIDCEPTOR for anything. The only requirement is that the saddle is at least 5 cm out of the frame. We pull telescopic seatposts routinely. In really tough terrain with a fighter it will come in handy.


I'll never forget the first ride when I didn't tell my friends that the kid was coming with us and we just arrived at the meeting place. Everyone mistakenly thought that today's ride would be about "nothing". After the first ride, we waited a while for the weaker colleagues and at that moment I knew that the development of KIDCEPTOR was going the right way.

When grandpa is supposed to be watching, the first thing he worries about is that KIDCEPTOR is ready. He loads the little one in the morning at 9, hitches up the e-bike and unloads at home at 5 in the evening. Shorty's eyes light up like flashlights, we've been to four borders. Parents happy that there was babysitting today and grandpa happy with 70 km in his legs and full of experiences.


  • Use appropriate equipment. Children must always wear a helmet and goggles. Spine protector, gloves and sturdy shoes are recommended.

  • Carbon and ultralight saddles are strongly discouraged. If you have one, buy a regular, aluminum one for pulling.

  • Before you go "full throttle", try the handling, get a feel for the brakes. It's new and both you and the baby need to get used to it. But it goes quickly.

Although it is a fighter, it is not designed to fly. We do not recommend jumping with children and this kit in such a way that the whole kit is in the air. Technically, the fighter will hold up, but if all three wheels are in the air, the rig is not stable.